Life as Meditator In Chicago

I’m Lindsay I live in Chicago and I love to Meditate. In fact I recently picked up a guide on Chicago MBSR meditation that was perhaps one of the best mindful meditation classes that I’ve been at to date.

The Rent

Chicago is one of the most expensive places to live even being frugal. Talk about 10.25 percent combined state and local tax and added tax on everything else is a nightmare. The good thing is that the job market is more then good and I evern managed to set up my own meditation studio.

The Walk home from My Meditation Studio

Thank god for a walkable city. I use the L train to get home and avoid the Kennedy and Dan Ryan as much as I can. In fact, I got tired of dealing with the parking and manage to get by without a car.

What I like to do After a Day of Meditation

Chinatown: Probably one of the largest neighborhoods of its kind here in the usa. There are 65,000 Chinese restaurants and the largest Chinese mall in the Midwest.

North Chicago: I used to rent over here and is live with music, coffee shops, art gallaries and shopping! Expect to pay about $1,250 if you decide to live in this area. IF you buy, you better be packing a Million.

Humbolt Park: My favorite place to meditate when it comes to Spanish-Colonial Archetecture.

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